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Nile Club Poker Chips are a casino grade 10 gram ceramic poker chip

10g Nile Club Poker Chips & Sets

The Nile Club poker chips are high quality casino grade ceramic poker chips with a weight of 10 grams. The chips have denominations and egyptian images on each chip. The Nile Club poker chips are available in 12 colors/denominations and are available in several poker chip set sizes.

All of the Nile Club poker chip sets can be customized by you. You select how many of each chip you want in your set!

  • Graphics are part of the chip
  • Casino Quality
  • 10 gram Weight
  • 40mm Diameter

This chip style includes some not so common denominations. This makes these chips very flexible and usable in many different games. There are also high denomination chip plaques available.

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bundle of 25 yellow nile club poker chips
25 Yellow Nile Club Poker Chips
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